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Volume 11, Issue 3, May 2017

Volume 11, Issue 3

May 2017

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    • Low-voltage commercial super-capacitor response to periodic linear-with-time current excitation: a case study
      Comparative study of 16-order FIR filter design using different multiplication techniques
      Optimal synthesis of QCA logic circuit eliminating wire-crossings
      Sensitivity of effective relative permeability for gapped magnetic cores with fringing effect
      Event-driven detection method based on pseudo-differential self-timed inverter-based incremental sigma-delta analogue-to-digital converter
      Systematic design approach for a gain boosted telescopic OTA with cross-coupled capacitor
      Modelling and performance analysis of dielectric inserted side contact multilayer graphene nanoribbon interconnects
      Fraction phase based low energy frequency calibration: analysis and design
      Low-power and high-speed 13T SRAM cell using FinFETs
      H-RADIX a new heuristic for a single constant multiplication
      Multi-resonant gate drive circuit of isolating-gate GaN HEMTs for tens of MHz
      65 nm CMOS switching discontinuous-conduction mode buck converter with 330 ns start-up time for light-load power-cycled applications
      Heterogeneous energy-sparing reconfigurable logic: spin-based storage and CNFET-based multiplexing

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