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Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

January 2017

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    • On the realisation of canonic single-resistance-controlled oscillators using third generation current conveyors
      Adaptive line voltage compensation scheme for a source-driving controlled AC–DC LED driver
      Design of multiplierless prototype filter for two-channel filter bank using hybrid method in FCSD space
      Systematic synthesis approach for floating gyrators employing single z-copy CCCCTA
      A new approach for designing compressors with a new hardware-friendly mathematical method for multi-input XOR gates
      Reversible logic-based image steganography using quantum dot cellular automata for secure nanocommunication
      Dynamics and control of voltage multiplier cells integrated boost converter
      Spacer engineering for performance enhancement of junctionless accumulation-mode bulk FinFETs
      AS8-static random access memory (SRAM): asymmetric SRAM architecture for soft error hardening enhancement
      Contactless power transmission for NFC antennas in credit-card size format

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