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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 10, Issue 6, November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 6

November 2016

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    • Impact of source/drain doping concentration on graphene nanoribbon field effect transistor performance
      Optimising thermal sensor placement and thermal maps reconstruction for microprocessors using simulated annealing algorithm based on PCA
      Design of ultra-low noise, wideband low-noise amplifier for highly survival radar receiver
      Sampled time domain analysis of digital pulse width modulation for feedback controlled converters
      High-voltage on-chip current sensor design and analysis for battery modules
      Study on effect of back oxide thickness variation in FDSOI MOSFET on analogue circuit performance
      Modelling and efficiency optimisation of UHF Dickson rectifiers
      Unified approach for simultaneous functional and timing ECO
      Reliability enhancement of a steep slope tunnel transistor based ring oscillator designs with circuit interaction
      Implementation of a decoupling based power analysis attack countermeasure
      Reduced order linear quadratic regulator controller for voltage multiplier cells integrated boost converter

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