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IET Circuits, Devices & Systems

Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2016

Volume 10, Issue 5

September 2016

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    • Fast start-up analysis of resonator based oscillators using a power generation method
      Low-power consumption ternary full adder based on CNTFET
      SVD based reconfigurable SRC filter for multi-standard radio receivers
      Fractional-order LβCα infinite rectangle circuit network
      Theoretical and experimental characterisation of a SAW delay line through its Y-matrix
      QR decomposition architecture using the iteration look-ahead modified Gram–Schmidt algorithm
      Bipolar gate drive integrated circuit for insulated gate bipolar transistor to achieve better tradeoff between the turn-off losses and collector voltage overshoot
      Phase-error cancellation technique for fast-lock phase-locked loop
      Effect of thin gate dielectrics on DC, radio frequency and linearity characteristics of lattice-matched AlInN/AlN/GaN metal–oxide–semiconductor high electron mobility transistor
      Analysis and design of class E power amplifier considering MOSFET parasitic input and output capacitances
      Benefits of asymmetric underlap dual-k spacer hybrid fin field-effect transistor over bulk fin field-effect transistor
    • Practical approach to power integrity-driven design process for power-delivery networks

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