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Proposals should be sent in accordance with our Special Issue guidelines – click here to download our Special Issue guide to find out more about what to include in your proposal and the roles and responsibilities of Guest Editor.

Special Issue proposals can be sent to [email protected]

Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

WACV 2020 - Presentation Attacks on Biometric Systems- click here to download more information

Submission portal now open!

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel attack mechanisms
  • Novel physical attacks on biometric systems (e.g.,mask attacks)
  • Approaches on evaluating the human perception in detecting such attacks
  • Algorithmic advancements in detecting attacks
  • Detection and mitigation of adversarial attacks
  • Novel attack mechanisms
  • Novel Presentation Attacks
  • Novel Sensor-based Solutions
  • Datasets and Evaluations
  • Presentation Attack Detection (e.g., Face, Fingerprint and Iris )
  • Deepfake attacks on biometrics and detection methods
  • Digital Manipulation
  • Generalizability of Presentation Attack Detection
  • Explainable AI in Presentation Attack
  • Multi-modal Presentation Attack Detection
  • Social and Ethical Implications
  • Image Forensics
  • Forgery Detection

ICPR2020 Special issue on Real-Time Visual Surveillance as-a-Service (VSaaS) for Smart Security Solutions- click here to download more information

Submission portal will open at least 8 weeks before submission deadline

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributed Visual Surveillance Framework:Deployment and Maintenance challenges
  • Visual Surveillance as-a-service over the internet
  • Conjoint visual surveillance and IoT
  • Re-identification and occlusion management in multicamera network
  • Event and Gesture recognition in real-time
  • Visual surveillance for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Establishing biometric authentication from real-time visual data
  • Self-organizing multi camera network models
  • Intelligent resource allocation and management over Visual Surveillance as-a-Service (VSaaS)
  • Storage, compression, and automated analysis of video data
  • Intrusion detection and prevention schemes in VSaaS
  • Agent-based intrusion surveillance in Real time
  • Detection of malicious information propagation in VSaaS
  • Performance evaluation measures and metrics for VSaaS

Previously published Special Issues


Special Section: ‘Biometrics as-a-service’: the path ahead?

Vol. 7, Issue 6

Selected Papers from the International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF2017)

Vol. 7, Issue 4

Unconstrained Ear Recognition

Vol. 7, Issue 3

Face Recognition and Spoofing Attacks

Vol. 7, Issue 1


Selected Papers from the International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF2016)

Vol. 6, Issue 4


Mobile Biometrics

Vol. 5, Issue 1


Biometric Performance and Statistics

Vol. 4, Issue 4

Special Section: Biometrics and Forensics Synergies

Vol. 4, Issue 2


Integration of Biometrics and Forensics

Vol. 3, Issue 2


Selected papers from International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR 2012)

Vol. 2, Issue 4

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