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Each year the IET awards a prize to the authors of the best paper published within the last two years in each of the IET’s journals. The winners of the IET Biometrics Premium Awards are listed below and the 2018 winning paper is free to access on the IET Digital Library until August 2019.

2018 IET Biometrics Premium Award

Balazia, M., Plataniotis, K.N.: Human gait recognition from motion capture data in signature poses, IET Biometrics, 2017, 6, (2), pp. 129–137

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2017 IET Biometrics Premium Award

Almaadeed, N., Aggoun, A., Amira, A.: ‘ Speaker identification using multimodal neural networks and wavelet analysis ’, IET Biometrics, 2015, 4, (1), pp. 18–28

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2016 IET Biometrics Premium Award

Sousedik, C., Busch, C.: ‘Presentation attack detection methods for fingerprint recognition systems’, IET Biometrics, 2014, 3, (4), pp. 219–233

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2015 IET Biometrics Premium Award

McCool, C., Wallace, R., McLaren, M., El Shafey, L., Marcel, S.: ‘Session variability modelling for face authentication’, IET Biometrics, 2013, 2, (3), pp. 117–129

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2014 IET Biometrics Premium Award

Biggio, B., Akhtar, Z., Fumera, G., Marcialis, G.L., Roli, F.: ‘Security evaluation of biometric authentication systems under real spoofing attacks’, IET Biometrics, 2012, 1, (1), pp. 11–24

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2013 IET Biometrics Premium Award

Määttä, J. , Hadid, A. and Pietikäinen, M.: 'Face spoofing detection from single images using texture and local shape analysis', IET Biometrics, 1, (1), 2012, pp. 3–10

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