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IET Biometrics

Volume 7, Issue 5, September 2018

Volume 7, Issue 5

September 2018

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    • Symmetric sum-based biometric score fusion
      Planting attack on latent fingerprints
      Online signature verification using i-vector representation
      Gait recognition on the basis of markerless motion tracking and DTW transform
      Convolutional neural networks for gender prediction from smartphone-based ocular images
      Flooding-based segmentation for contactless hand biometrics oriented to mobile devices
      Palm vein recognition using a high dynamic range approach
      Face recognition with compressed Fisher vector on multiscale convolutional features
      Chat biometrics
      Human-level face verification with intra-personal factor analysis and deep face representation
      Score-level fusion using generalized extreme value distribution and DSmT, for multi-biometric systems
      Face–iris multi-modal biometric system using multi-resolution Log-Gabor filter with spectral regression kernel discriminant analysis
      Grey Wolf optimisation-based feature selection and classification for facial emotion recognition

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