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IET Biometrics

Volume 7, Issue 4, July 2018

Volume 7, Issue 4

July 2018

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    • On view-invariant gait recognition: a feature selection solution
      Self-geometric relationship filter for efficient SIFT key-points matching in full and partial palmprint recognition
      Improved imperceptible visible watermarking algorithm for auxiliary information delivery
      Non-reference image quality assessment and natural scene statistics to counter biometric sensor spoofing
      Extended StirTrace benchmarking of biometric and forensic qualities of morphed face images
      Predicting the vulnerability of biometric systems to attacks based on morphed biometric information
    • Biometric identification using single channel EEG during relaxed resting state
      Human identification with dental panoramic radiographic images
      Methods for accuracy-preserving acceleration of large-scale comparisons in CPU-based iris recognition systems
      Person re-identification based on pose angle estimation and multi-feature extraction
      QUIS-CAMPI: an annotated multi-biometrics data feed from surveillance scenarios
      Illumination pre-processing method for face recognition using 2D DWT and CLAHE

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