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IET Biometrics

Volume 6, Issue 6, November 2017

Volume 6, Issue 6

November 2017

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    • Predictive biometrics: a review and analysis of predicting personal characteristics from biometric data
    • Efficient multimodal ocular biometric system for person authentication based on iris texture and corneal shape
      Robust footstep identification system based on acoustic local features
      Online signature verification using double-stage feature extraction modelled by dynamic feature stability experiment
      Simulation of synthetic fingerprint generation using Petri nets
      Comparison of different entropies as features for person authentication based on EEG signals
      Low-resolution face alignment and recognition using mixed-resolution classifiers
      Fuzzy integrals for combining multiple SVM and histogram features for writer's gender prediction
      Combining Gabor filtering and classification dictionaries learning for fingerprint enhancement
      Constructing cancellable template with synthetic minutiae
      BioTAM: a technology acceptance model for biometric authentication systems
      Real-time AdaBoost cascade face tracker based on likelihood map and optical flow
      Backward face ageing model (B-FAM) for digital face image rejuvenation
      ForenFace: a unique annotated forensic facial image dataset and toolset
    • Comparative analysis of bag-of-words models for ECG-based biometrics

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