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IET Biometrics

Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2016

Volume 5, Issue 2

June 2016

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    • Overview of research on facial ageing using the FG-NET ageing database
      Finger image quality assessment features – definitions and evaluation
    • Searching for doppelgängers: assessing the universality of the IrisCode impostors distribution
      Adaptively weighted orthogonal gradient binary pattern for single sample face recognition under varying illumination
      Three-dimensional and two-and-a-half-dimensional face recognition spoofing using three-dimensional printed models
      Dilation-aware enrolment for iris recognition
      Orthogonal enhanced linear discriminant analysis for face recognition
      Effects of pose and image resolution on automatic face recognition
      Global variational method for fingerprint segmentation by three-part decomposition
      Generating cancellable fingerprint templates based on Delaunay triangle feature set construction
      Face reconstruction from image sequences for forensic face comparison
      Chaff point generation mechanism for improving fuzzy vault security

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