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High Voltage aims to attract original research papers and review articles. The scope covers high-voltage power engineering and high voltage applications, including experimental, computational (including simulation and modelling) and theoretical studies, which include: 

Electrical Insulation

 ● Outdoor, indoor, solid, liquid and gas insulation

● Transient voltages and overvoltage protection

● Nano-dielectrics and new insulation materials

● Condition monitoring and maintenance

Discharge and plasmas, pulsed power

● Electrical discharge, plasma generation and applications

● Interactions of plasma with surfaces

● Pulsed power science and technology

High-field effects

● Computation, measurements of Intensive Electromagnetic Field

● Electromagnetic compatibility

● Biomedical effects

● Environmental effects and protection

 High Voltage Engineering

● Design problems, testing and measuring techniques

● Equipment development and asset management

● Smart Grid, live line working 

● AC/DC power electronics

● UHV power transmission

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