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Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2019

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Volume 4, Issue 1

March 2019

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    • Review of accumulative failure of winding insulation subjected to repetitive impulse voltages
    • Experimental study on the partial discharge and AC breakdown properties of C4F7N/CO2 mixture
      Utilising a Lagrangian approach to compute maximum fault current in hybrid AC–DC distribution grids with MMC interface
      RF-based location of partial discharge sources using received signal features
      Transformer components impact on compatibility of measured PDs: comparison of IEC60270 and RF methods
      Analysis of the dielectric properties of R410A Gas as an alternative to SF6 for high-voltage applications
      Effects of liquids immersion and drying on the surface properties of HTV silicone rubber: characterisation by contact angle and surface physical morphology
      Dynamic formation mechanism of water droplet and induced surface discharges on silicone rubber composites
      Mechanical stress distribution and risk assessment of 110 kV GIS insulator considering Al2O3 settlement
      Application of Cole–Cole model to transformer oil-paper insulation considering distributed dielectric relaxation

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