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Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2018

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Volume 3, Issue 3

September 2018

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    • Towards automated statistical partial discharge source classification using pattern recognition techniques
      PD measurements, failure analysis, and control in high-power IGBT modules
      Identification of slot discharges in rotating machine insulation system using variable frequency PD measurement
      Effect of disconnector and high-voltage conductor on propagation characteristics of PD-induced UHF signals
    • Influence of tower anticorrosion coating as contaminant on operation characteristics of composite insulator
      AC flashover performance of different shed configurations of composite insulators under fan-shaped non-uniform pollution
      Statistical analysis of audible noise generated by AC corona discharge from single corona sources
      Model-based accuracy enhancements for guarded conductivity measurements: determination of effective electrode areas utilising numerical field simulation
      Mathematical method for air electrostatic discharge circuits calculation
      Fast AC reactor-based fault current limiters application in distribution network

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