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Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2018

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Volume 3, Issue 1

March 2018

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    • Research and application of UHV power transmission in China
      Atmospheric-pressure pulsed discharges and plasmas: mechanism, characteristics and applications
      State-of-the-art on the protection of FACTS compensated high-voltage transmission lines: a review
    • Influence of sinusoidal and square voltages on partial discharge inception in geometries with point-like termination
      Evaluation of high-voltage AC cable grounding systems based on the real-time monitoring and theoretical calculation of grounding currents
      Denoising different types of acoustic partial discharge signals using power spectral subtraction
      Comparative study on various dielectric barriers and their effect on breakdown voltage
      Augmenting NO x reduction in diesel exhaust by combined plasma/ozone injection technique: a laboratory investigation
      Research on the long-time operation performance of composite insulator shed hydrophobicity under hydrothermal conditions
      Influence of moisture on the interface charge of oil–pressboard composite insulation under DC voltage

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