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Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2017

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Volume 2, Issue 2

June 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Influence of electrode spacing and gas pressure on parameters of a runaway electron beam generating during the nanosecond breakdown in SF6 and nitrogen
      Subnanosecond high-voltage breakdown initiated in high-pressure nitrogen by a runaway electron beam
      Nanosecond pulse discharge based nitrogen oxides treatment using different electrode configurations
      NO X abatement from filtered diesel engine exhaust using battery-powered high-voltage pulse power supply
      Optical characteristics of UV–VUV lamps on the electronic-vibrational transitions of the hydroxyl radical pumped by a nanosecond capacitive discharge
    • Condition monitoring and diagnosis of power equipment: review and prospective
    • Experimental investigation of the degradation mechanism of silicone rubber exposed to heat and gamma rays
    • Electrical characteristics of an energised conductor under various weather conditions
      Minimisation of electric field stress at triple junction of a functionally graded cone type spacer in a gas insulated busduct with metal inserts
      Comparative study of AC and DC inclined plane tests on silicone rubber (SiR) insulation
      Power frequency AC voltage measurement based on double wound Rogowski coil

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