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Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2017

Volume 4, Issue 5

October 2017

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    • Guest Editors' Foreword
      On the need for multi-scale geometric modelling of the mitral heart valve
      Editorial: Challenges for the usability of AR and VR for clinical neurosurgical procedures
      Multimodal connectivity based eloquence score computation and visualisation for computer-aided neurosurgical path planning
      Hand–eye calibration using a target registration error model
      Real-time geometry-aware augmented reality in minimally invasive surgery
      Multi-modal imaging, model-based tracking, and mixed reality visualisation for orthopaedic surgery
      Robust head CT image registration pipeline for craniosynostosis skull correction surgery
      Application of an RGBD augmented C-arm for minimally invasive scoliosis surgery assistance
      Towards X-ray free endovascular interventions – using HoloLens for on-line holographic visualisation
      Quantifying attention shifts in augmented reality image-guided neurosurgery
      Estimation of surgical tool-tip tracking error distribution in coordinate reference frame involving pivot calibration uncertainty
      Distance sonification in image-guided neurosurgery
      Intra-operative ultrasound-based augmented reality guidance for laparoscopic surgery
      Design and evaluation of an augmented reality simulator using leap motion
      Can surgical simulation be used to train detection and classification of neural networks?

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