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Volume 3, Issue 4, December 2016

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Volume 3, Issue 4

December 2016

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    • Editorial
      Disrupting the world of Disability: The Next Generation of Assistive Technologies and Rehabilitation Practices
      Tag diversity of inkjet printed body-worn radio frequency identification integrated medical sticking plasters for wireless monitoring
      Fuzzy logic-based risk of fall estimation using smartwatch data as a means to form an assistive feedback mechanism in everyday living activities
      Sensewheel: an adjunct to wheelchair skills training
      Muscular activity and physical interaction forces during lower limb exoskeleton use
      Interfacial pressure and shear sensor system for fingertip contact applications
      Development of a prototype of portable FES rehabilitation system for relearning of gait for hemiplegic subjects
      Assistive technology using integrated flexible sensor and virtual alarm unit for blood leakage detection during dialysis therapy
      Pervasive assistive technology for people with dementia: a UCD case
      Characterisation of rollator use using inertial sensors

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