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Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2016

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Volume 3, Issue 3

September 2016

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    • Editorial
      Framework of sensor-based monitoring for pervasive patient care
      ICT services for active ageing and independent living: identification and assessment
      Predicting adherence of patients with HF through machine learning techniques
      ECG artefact identification and removal in mHealth systems for continuous patient monitoring
      Design of cryptographically secure AES like S-Box using second-order reversible cellular automata for wireless body area network applications
      Code generator for implementing dual tree complex wavelet transform on reconfigurable architectures for mobile applications
      Wearable, multimodal, vitals acquisition unit for intelligent field triage
      Integrated modelling of medical emergency response process for improved coordination and decision support
      Health and rescue services management system during a crisis event
      Cardiac ultrasonography over 4G wireless networks using a tele-operated robot
    • Microwave bone imaging: a preliminary scanning system for proof-of-concept
      Performance of human body communication-based wearable ECG with capacitive coupling electrodes
      Characterisation of the complexity of intracranial pressure signals measured from idiopathic and secondary normal pressure hydrocephalus patients
      Fuzzy-entropy threshold based on a complex wavelet denoising technique to diagnose Alzheimer disease
      Efficient and robust ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation detection method for wearable cardiac health monitoring devices
      Model assessing thermal changes during high temperature root canal irrigation

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