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Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2016

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Volume 3, Issue 2

June 2016

Virtual electrode design for increasing spatial resolution in retinal prosthesis
Thermal time constant: optimising the skin temperature predictive modelling in lower limb prostheses using Gaussian processes
Computationally efficient real-time interpolation algorithm for non-uniform sampled biosignals
Modular continuous wavelet processing of biosignals: extracting heart rate and oxygen saturation from a video signal
Robust cardiac event change detection method for long-term healthcare monitoring applications
Process techniques for human thoracic electrical bio-impedance signal in remote healthcare systems
Path loss variation of on-body UWB channel in the frequency bands of IEEE 802.15.6 standard
Heart rate variability estimation in photoplethysmography signals using Bayesian learning approach
Development of a clinical decision support system using genetic algorithms and Bayesian classification for improving the personalised management of women attending a colposcopy room

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