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Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2016

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Volume 3, Issue 1

March 2016

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    • Editorial
      Non-invasive, home-based electroencephalography hypoglycaemia warning system for personal monitoring using skin surface electrodes: a single-case feasibility study
      Bridging the gap between real-life data and simulated data by providing a highly realistic fall dataset for evaluating camera-based fall detection algorithms
      Flexible quality of service model for wireless body area sensor networks
      Privacy preserving data publishing of categorical data through k-anonymity and feature selection
      Relevance of health level 7 clinical document architecture and integrating the healthcare enterprise cross-enterprise document sharing profile for managing chronic wounds in a telemedicine context
      Use of adaptive hybrid filtering process in Crohn's disease lesion detection from real capsule endoscopy videos
      Automated integration of wireless biosignal collection devices for patient-centred decision-making in point-of-care systems
      Future perspectives toward the early definition of a multivariate decision-support scheme employed in clinical decision making for senior citizens
      Enabling active and healthy ageing decision support systems with the smart collection of TV usage patterns
      Predicting asthma exacerbations employing remotely monitored adherence
      Why decision support systems are important for medical education
    • Diagnostic measure to quantify loss of clinical components in multi-lead electrocardiogram
      Image denoising in bidimensional empirical mode decomposition domain: the role of Student's probability distribution function
      Passive wireless tags for tongue controlled assistive technology interfaces
      An Energy efficient application specific integrated circuit for electrocardiogram feature detection and its potential for ambulatory cardiovascular disease detection
      Thickness estimation of the subcutaneous fat using coaxial probe

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