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Electronic Systems News

Volume 1983, Issue 3, Autumn 1983

Volume 1983, Issue 3

Autumn 1983

Electronic systems news prize award
The BBC buggy. An adventure with technology
Robots in industry
Lego robotic arm
Citizen 2000
The story of OPUS or how i learned to stop worrying and love I.T.
Technology—microprocessor control
BBC school radio and the technological revolution
BP oil's great race of the robots
Electronics and control technology at work
Capital region-technology capability syllabus
Electronics and control technology domain
An experiment in on-line computer control
Computer control of small electric motors and “buggies”
Review of the Griffin Programmable Scientific Instrument, the GiPSI
Revealing VELA
The Datac microcontroller
“Alpha”: first impressions
Projects need planning!
The books of the prophets
Success in Electronics
Easy Programming for the BBC Micro
Further Programming for the B.B.C. Micro
Electronics through Systems
A Case Study of Handling and Packing in Industry

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