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Electronics & Power

Volume 33, Issue 11-12, November December 1987

Volume 33, Issue 11

November December 1987

Engineering with a capital ‘E’
Healthy picture for computer graphics
First gate array from Plessey process
Cable TV company to start trial telephone service
BT's quality under review
Plessey's big switch
Keeping track of vehicles
Ceramic superconductor
First mini power board
TAP into the IEEIE
CAD package for IBM PS2
Tek workstations
Credit cards open doors
Fairly quiet on the Testmex front
A sense of place
The future nuclear reactors?
Young engineers and management
Hi-tech lighting rod
Theory of tides
Screw tightness
Domestic microwave ovens
Compatible WP
Ohm's law
In retrospect
Engineering the man-machine interface
Electronic publishing — a revolution in the printed word
Designing fibre-optic links
Optical gyroscopes
Computing at the speed of light
Reflections of a computer pioneer
Broadcasting to the future
30 years of professional video recording
Greater switchboard safety — the manufacturer's response
The Japan syndrome. Part 3: The way ahead
RFI/EMC shielding in cable connector assemblies
A transport boost to NCB prosperity
Multivariable Control for Industrial Applications
Knowledge-Basesd Expert Systems in Industry
Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology Vol. 1
Image Recovery—Theory and Applications

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