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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 9, September 1986

Volume 32, Issue 9

September 1986

Logically thinking
Analytical instruments has a nose for business
More sugar than IBM
Energy-efficiency demonstrators at Milton Keynes
Aerospace trends at farnborough
More CAD comes to Harris
Mixing business with pleasure
Fastest CMOS logic in the west
Boeing signs E-3 AWACS deals
Digital TV on
CIE on the road
Engineers and pay
Readers' letters
Help wanted
Only engineers?
Literacy and computing for the blind
Standards and compliance
Information technology. Now try pulling!
In retrospect
In place of efficiency
The changing face of modems
Commercial satellite communications—the next 20 years
Speech communication technology—lessons from the disabled
Unison—communications research for office applications
The LAN/WAN interface
Hierarchical interconnection technology
Interconnection for EMC
Interconnection as an electrical/electronic interface
Advanced Infrared Detectors and Systems
Modern Communication Circuits
The Secret Life of John Logie Baird
Applied Clinical Engineering
Speech Input/Output
Rate Equations in Semiconductor Electronics
Electrical and Magnetic Fields in Medicine and Biology
Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
Inside the Technical Consulting Business
Electrical Engineers' Reference Book
Satellite Communications Systems Engineering
Books received

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