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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 8, August 1986

Volume 32, Issue 8

August 1986

Young engineer for Britain
More WANs in use in Europe
First pixel-plane machine on display
Electricity profits, but not from chernobyl
BTG accounts
Interlink credits hi-tech for fast and accurate service
Open days at 20 power stations
Driving by satellite
Canberra center
IT for the disabled
Fairchild introduces largest ECL gate array
Defence spectrum review
More scope in scopes
HCI design center
Testing times for ISDN
BT puts Centrex on trial
In retrospect
Are we still engineers?
Engineers and pay
Technicial evolution in airborne fighter radars
Ohm's law
Software standards
Peter Understone lives, OK?
Alarming approval
Earthquakes, ether and electromagnetic waves
A new species takes root
Faraday Lecture
Dataflow at MIT
Ichiban — the Japanese approach to engineering education
The artful transputer
Hertha Ayrton — first lady of the IEE
Transducers for automotive applications
Optimisation of circuits by random addition of new components
Automated component manufacture — some major requirements
Power semiconductors for surface mounting
Developments in distribution switchgear. Do we still have a philosophy?
Development of SF6 switchgear incorporating rotating-arc circuit breakers
A rotating arc fuse for HV distribution systems
Ring main distribution – witnessing the evolutionary process
Software Engineering for Telecommunication Switching Systems
Robot Sensors (Vol. 1—Vision)
Robot Sensors (Vol. 2—Tactile)
The Propagation of Radio Waves

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