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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 7, July 1986

Volume 32, Issue 7

July 1986

Eureka: right up Archimedes' street
Keeping lights on track
The power beneath Harrods
New artificial-intelligence unit
Energy factor
Shooting off to aldershot
Military microwaves 86
New aspirtions from siemens
Manufacturing and computers
Prism's promising premises
Plethora of products at Wembley
RARE association
Aiding small firms
Seiberco — starting up in boston
Tracking animals by satellite
Formel transformers
Oxygen depletion
Diary of whom?
A new species takes root
The engineering profession
The engineering profession
Video discs live, OK
Erratum: The ferroresonant line conditioner
Computing. The computer/engineer dilemma
In retrospect
Literacy and computing for the blind
EPLA — a lanugage for VLSI
Mixed–mode simulation on a PC–based workstation
Using ISIS to support the teaching of VLSI design
Denmark's alternative energy programme. Seeing which way the wind blows
Wave power — Norway's latest export
Optical sensors—developing the technology and the market
Design and development resources
The Arabsat communications system
Exporting to the middle east
Adaptive Signal Processing
Adaptive Filters
Satellite Communications Systems
Physics, Technology and Use of Photovoltaics
Road Traffic Control
Education and Training in Robotics
Installation Engineering
Book received

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