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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 6, June 1986

Volume 32, Issue 6

June 1986

Control and the exhibition process
Top-rank awards
Inland Revenue changes horses
TI and Philips join forces on SystemCell
Mitsubishi develops 1 Mbit CMOS DRAM
SERC helps bridge the IT gap
EC outlines ISDN programme
Light waves across the Pacific
Plessey profits up, order book down
ACARD to study optoelectronics
Making light work of energy bills
Lighting the way
Second year for award scheme
Du Pont responds to market heat
Cheap at the price
The advantage of architecture
Big pic on show
Condor drug sniffer
Crown Suppliers uses muscle to improve design
Oftel looks at methods of charging
DEC J11-based CPU for VMEbus
Is the spectre of Macbeth haunting your conference?
In retrospect
What has happened to British manufacturing industry?
Erratum: Research, development and decline: Britian's industrial enigma
Learning from mistakes
Keeping ahead
Are we still only engineers?
No laughing matter
Decline in trainees
Engineers and pay
Ada goes into service
Pascal and Modula-2
Safety and software
The human-computer interface—what next?
Formal specification languages
The ferroresonant line conditioner
UPSs for the small business
Development trends in medium and large UPSs
International generator set standard nears completion
Selecting the right generating set for use with UPSs
A history of Ohm's law
Technology evolution in airborne fighter radars
Handbook of Energy Data and Calculations
Robots and Automated Manufacture
Books received

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