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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 5, May 1986

Volume 32, Issue 5

May 1986

Hydro award
Long-life cell
Real-time scopes from Gould
Launches herald 50th birthday
STC Components—setting the standard?
University transputer
New communications products from Teradyne
Featurephone with added features
Interface chip for Multibus II
Information handling for upward mobiles
Business computer for Mitsubishi
MAC tested in cable system
IT institute to be funded by industry
NPL research-associate scheme
Energy-efficient houses on show at Milton Keynes
Bright prospect for Community science and technology
D is for discs and data
Being pressured to relax standards
Towards a better generation
Predicting earthquakes
UK energy policy
Diary of a nobody?
Research, development and decline: Britian's industrial enigma
Applying strategic planning at the national level
Linear induction motors: A new species takes root
The totally non-flammable transformer
Transformer core losses
Looking down on Nature
Tracking animals by satellite
Talking about Esprit
Aspects of electronis warfare
Shelters for sensitive electronic equipment
Recent developments in dipping sonar
Plasma displays for defence applications
Product line rejuvenation by the use of contract R&D. Design consultants: Pro or con?
Land Mobile Radio Systems
Book Reviews
Analogue-Digital Conversion Handbook
Control '85 (Vols. 1 and 2)
Integrated Project Support Environments
Books received

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