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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 4, April 1986

Volume 32, Issue 4

April 1986

CHP data on record
Record for light-beam data link
Life choices on the line
A severe shock to the system
Shaking out the winners
Esprit: so far, so good
AI headaches for lawyers
Hong Kong SE goes online
Nice move by Comdex
ACME limited only by good ideas
Minimum number of socket outlets reviewed
Electro-optics and lasers beside the seaside
Efficiency in industrial processes
New developments in materials testing
Cellular phones on the move
Viking looks at the Aurora Borealis
POS is a ‘soft touch’ for CSP
Knowledge-based systems. A sideways look at expert systems
Banging our own drum
Recording research
Memory backup
Early lamp filaments—following the thread
In retrospect
Manufacturing Automation Protocol. Mapping the factory of the future
IC interface for electronic displays: the way forward
Display module design using miniature circuit technology
Developments in large-area displays
Brighter prospects for wafer-scale integration
New consumer electronic products. Ingredients of success
Route guidance and driver information system — an overview
Motorway communication systems in England—introducing a second generation
Traffic monitoring and control in motorway tunnels
Computer techniques for air-traffic-control radar
Electrical services at Terminal 4, Heathrow. From kilovolts to microamperes
The diary of Peter Understone, aged 45¾

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