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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 3, March 1986

Volume 32, Issue 3

March 1986

No bones about design council awards
Preventive testing
Alarming situation
The incredible shrinking camera
Intergraph branches into electronics design
A spate of research at sira
AMIE gets out on the road
Electrex 86
Crabtree into PCs
Development in waste-heat recovery
New PCs launched by sprecher + schuh
Black box
Lightweight heavy duty
Electronics in the home of the future
Undercarpet cabling system
HP enters the RISC business
RACE gets off to a flying start
Britain misses IT
Young inventors
More channels in optical fibres
Electronic heat pumps in use in consumer appliances
One Mbyte personal-computer package from Atari for £800
Computer-testing consortium set up
Toshiba develops 1 Mbit VSRAM
Analog gets more digital
World first from Optech
Second-generation cellular study
Hat trick for Applied Materials
Factory harmony
Is it worth doing market forecasts?
Generation. A UK energy strategy
In retrospect
Public-sector consultancies
Movement of ions
Learning from mistakes
Payments for abstracts
What type of reactor?
Flagship. A fifth-generation machine
Training as a strategic management tool
Interactive training using operative equipment
IT conversion courses. Answering the skills shortage?
Geothermal energy. A natural resource
Protection of MV underground power cables
A new concept for overhead lines
Capacitors for power supplies
Industrial automation. Mr. Curran's baby
Intelligent Instrumentation
Total Pressure Measurements in Vacuum Technology
Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction
VLSI Image Processing
Drives/Motors/Controls 1985
Monolithic Integrated Circuits
Analogue Integrated Circuits
Books received

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