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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 2, February 1986

Volume 32, Issue 2

February 1986

DEC launches powerful processor
… and new workstation
Superbowl reaches the QE2
Low-light camera
GR Electronics — success is in the palm of its hand
Philips and Texas in logic product agreement
Low-cost fibre-optic gyro developed by STL
NCC survey of UK micro market makes disturbing reading
Racal exhibits customer solutions
Zero growth in European semiconductor market in 1985
Biggest energy-management system for Heathrow
An OCR for all typefaces
Efficiency drive — full of PEP
Jaguar Cub has a touch of magic
More MICE migrate to Microtek
Piller enhances its DH range of UPSs
Klippon into control via ICI
RA pinpoints unofficial leaks
Faraday Electronics catches the PC bus
IT needs in the NE
Switch for the better
2001: A space saver
The profession. On banging our own drum
In retrospect
SHF rabbit's ears?
All at sea
What's happening to teletext?
Digital signal processors
A chance encounter with William Sturgeon
Data loggers. Modern recorders
Fault location in optical fibers
Optical measurement of power system quantities
Software support for PAL testing
Earthquake prediction
Radar-system performance analysis
Current injection test. New technology for old?
Sodium-sulphur batteries. Nearing their potential?
Batteries for memory protection
Battery technology. Expanding in many directions
Electrical Machines
Designing Digital Filters
Linear Motion Electromagnetic Systems
VLSI Signal Processing: a Bit-Serial Approach
Applications of Walsh and Relation Functions
Electric Machines and Power Systems
AC and DC Power Transmission
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