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Electronics & Power

Volume 32, Issue 1, January 1986

Volume 32, Issue 1

January 1986

The Government's view
The role of the unions
The role of the employer
Encouraging industrial innovation. The view from victoria street
The media and industrial reality
A woman's palce (is) in industry
Education and industry. A battle yet to be won
New factors in reasearch today
The role of good design in industry
Finance for industry
Advanced manufacturing technology for large turbine generators
The UK car industry. Meeting the challenge head-on
Telecommunications. The lifeblood of industry
The UK computer industry. Managing change
Taking Britain to the world. The role of consulting engineers in the British export market
The dairy industry
Hotels and catering. The ten golden rules
The profession. What is engineering?
The first quality event of 1986
Southampton sheds new light on lasers
GEC's chinese connection
SERC publishes corporate plan
Optical disk forum takes the initative
Micro scope makes macro profits
Alvey annual report
Achievement despite austerity
RISC for spectrum of products
Esprit funds for supercomputer
Optical-fibre link for 1986
Satellited in education
Didcot improves efficiency and cuts costs
IMO Jaguar correction
The great particle hunt is on
What type of reactor?
Walking machines
Cancer cures
Electromagnetic ‘quack’ remedies
Glass-fibre flows
In retrospect
Advances in Radar Techniques
Gate Arrays
Digital Control Systems
Spread Spectrum in Communication
YIG Resonators and Filters
Ultrahigh Vacuum Practice
Microcomputers and Marketing Decisions
Books received
Marketing for Engineers
Industrial Marketing: Case Histories of UK Practice

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