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Electronics & Power

Volume 16, Issue 9, September 1970

Volume 16, Issue 9

September 1970

Electron aspects
The inner London Education Authority television system
Mask service for I.C. makers
Modular computer for military use
Lasers—the great levellers
Electroluminescence and its applications
Books received
The designer's dilemma
Mobile blood laboratory now in circulation
The structure of communication
A management predictive reporting system
Cutting metal down to size
Noise level reduced in new D.C. tachogenerator
Electricity from the rubbish heap
Rumblings beneath the surface
New I.C. masks combine transparency and durability
Room at the top
Bad connections
Radioactive lightning protection
Advertising exposed
Plain words
Fair deal for the inventor
Fair deal for the inventor
Binding of E & P
In defence of Kirchhoff
True fate of the Royal George
Skynet parametric amplifier
In search of Kapp
Track selection
Lost without trace
Erratum: Control theory: Modern Control Theory and Computing
Thyristors for handling megawatts
Technical publications
Information Retrieval: the Essential Technology
Lasers, Light Amplifiers and Oscillators
What Computers can do—A Guide for the Plain Man

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