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Electronics & Power

Volume 16, Issue 8, August 1970

Volume 16, Issue 8

August 1970

Electron aspects
Power transformers—a proposed new standard rating
Creating economic wealth from technology
Progress in solid-state ‘valves’ for h.v.d.c.
Optical scanning in automated microfilm system
Skin effect at D.C.
Portable teleprinter
Automatic reed-switch production
Electronic control for antilock braking
Providing high-stability supplies for CERN
Circuit conventions
Reluctance motors
Bad connections
The agro-industrial complex
Advertising exposed
Erratum: Metrication
Erratum: Advertising exposed
Technical publications
Skynet goes to sea
Annual general meeting of the IEE, 1970
Norway's electrical industries
Urban transport—new lines of thinking
Technological progress in telecommunication switching
Power sources in bioelectrical engineering
Branding holograms on metals
Glass-metal superconductor
New radiotelescope to probe lower wavelengths
Dielectric lens uses from glass
Synthetic apertures for H.F. radar
Contactless telemetry in turbine instrumentation

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