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Electronics & Power

Volume 16, Issue 6, June 1970

Volume 16, Issue 6

June 1970

Electron aspects
Realistic computer-generated displays
Wiring regualtions IEE and metric supplement
Car lighing by C.A.D.
High-accuracy resistance bridge
Supplying a large pulsed load
Thyristors used in swedish link
New camera for I.C. maskmakers
Streophonic pickup uses M.O.S. circuits
Wall heating demonstrated at Newcastle
Progress in marine radiocommunication
Technical publications
Science and Society
Power System Protection. Vol. 2—Theory
Power System Economics
Modular Constructions
Thin Film Transistors
Experimental Electronics: an Introductory Laboratory Manual for Physical Scientists
Choosing and Using Ship's Radar
The Lighting of Buildings
Books received
Technology gap or management gap?
Reliability in action
Charge-coupled devices for complex circuits
The victoria line and its successors
Liftoff approaches for antimatter detector
Mass memory thinner than hair
‘Laser pen’ draws circuit artwork
Feasibility of new microwave oscillator demonstrated
Automation aids tile manufacture
Integrated radar receivers
Examination assessement
Agro-industrial complex
Hungarian railways
Specific resistance
Radiant electrons
Advertising exposed
Gain margin
Engineers and management
Science and philosophy

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