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Electronics & Power

Volume 16, Issue 2, February 1970

Volume 16, Issue 2

February 1970

Electron aspects
Dounreay prototype fast reactor
Brain cell to microcircuit
Technical publications
The agro—industrial complex
Better reliability with new m.o.s. process
New locomotives for unusual conditions
New aerials for satellite reception
Dial-a-programme television technically viable
Linear-motor trains in french collieries
Radar used in search for oil
Batch fabrication of integral-heat-sink impatt diodes
Hot p.v.c. insulation may produce HCl vapour
Radar pictures transmitted via telephone lines
Laser writing for instant readout
Flexible transducers in silicone rubber
Moawhango power dam modelled
Data system for new Norwegian research ship
Next year's words…
Fast multiplying
Advertising exposed
Professional engineers and trade unions
Network conventions
The pursuit of knowledge
Technical journals
Whither the IEE?
Woodhead tunnels
Thinking metric
Models in psychology
Fast-closing megampere switches
Pulsed A.M./F.M. continuous-wave radar
Talking to machines
V.H.F. Y.I.G. light modulator
Direct television from satellites
Solid-state light sources produce range of colours
Economic quality in component manufacture
Efficiency in the distribution of electricity
Computers in the classroom
Honorary Fellow and Faraday Medallist

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