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Electronics & Power

Volume 16, Issue 10, October 1970

Volume 16, Issue 10

October 1970

Electron aspects
The early days of the thermionic-valve industry—some personal recollections
Profile of Lord Nelson of stafford, IEE president, 1970–71
IEE Divisional Board Chairmen, 1970–71
Technological forecasting and corporate long-range planning
Metallised plastics capacitors for electronics
Colour-television camera incorporates miniature computer
New coaxial system to begin tests in USA
Pacific H.V.D.C. intertie inaugurated
Post office looks to the future
New protection for flue ducts
Automation of the design and manufacture of a large digital computer
Display addressed by M.O.S. system
Multicoloured dye laser
Shortest time recorded
Communication in tunnels
Technicians in industry
Education and creativity
A missing date
Format of E & P
A synchronous-motor experiment
Media performance audit
Advertising exposed
Too much profit?
Free advertising?
Redundant complexity
The agro-industrial complex
Track selection
Public telephones
Supply connections
Circuit conventions
Circuit Consultant's Casebook
Millimetre and Submillimetre Waves
From Project to Production
Glide Path
Colour Television. Vol. 2—PAL, SECAM and Other Systems
Books received

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