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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 9, September 1964

Volume 10, Issue 9

September 1964

Electron aspects
Solar ponds
Proportional-demand metering of electrical energy
Use of microwave refractometry in humidity measurement
Medical automation
Stray losses in squirrel-cage induction motors
The challenge of technological change
Discharge detection and measurements: terminology
Goethe as scientist
Power factor—are our definitions good enough?
Status of the young engineer
Interpretation of the cosmological red shift
Letter symbols to designate microwave bands
Are engineers educated?
Marconi, Popov, and the dawn of radio communication
Knowing the right people
Why ‘Associate’?
Theory of a ferromagnetic heat engine
Backward diodes as microwave detectors
Electrical conduction in high temperature gases
Developments in high-speed computer storage systems
Electrical engineering in the Royal Navy
Magnetohydrodynamic electrical power generation
Colloquium on cathode-ray tubes
Report of Council meeting on the 2nd July 1964
Correction. Development of superconducting magnets
Magnetic Tape Recording
Earth Resistances
Optimization Theory and the Design of Feedback Control Systems

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