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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 8, August 1964

Volume 10, Issue 8

August 1964

Electron aspects
Future of the battery-electric car
The engineering faculty of the University of Malaya
Magnetohydrodynamic power generation—a status report
Reluctance machines
Ferromagnetic films
Analysis of dynamic performance of induction motors in control systems
Power factor—are our definitions good enough?
Linear traction 50 years ago
Proposed subcarrier pilot for NTSC-type colour television
Electrical engineering drawing
Spot the fallacy
Cosmological models
Marconi, Popov, and the dawn of radiocommunication
Why x subjects?
A new deal for vector diagrams
Impedance triangle
Cosmic electrical discharges. Part 16: Solar magnetic fields
Unifying the profession
Symposium on electricity and space heating
Status of the engineer
Electronics under the bonnet
Letter symbols to designate microwave bands
Librarian's nightmare
Culham laboratory
Microminiaturisation symposium
Conference on dielectric and insulating materials
Conference on transmission aspects of communication networks
William Francis B. Bartam
Dennis Ballamy
Percy Clegg
James Wooldridge O'Neill
George Sanders
Albert Peter Thurston
Thomas Rees Thomas
John Venters
Ernest Saunders White
Mathematical Techniques in Electronics and Engineering Analysis
The Mathematics of Physics and Chemistry
Fundamentals and Components of Electronic Digital Computers
Asynchronized Synchronous Machines
North of the Border
Taschenbuch der Nachrichten-Verarbeitung
Matrices, their Meaning and Manipulation
Elements of Plasma Physics
Brains, Machines and Mathematics
Vector Fields
Magneto-Hydrodynamic Generation of Electrical Power
The Art of Simulation
Boolean Algebra and its Application
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