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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 6, June 1964

Volume 10, Issue 6

June 1964

Electron aspects
Medical and biological applications of electrical engineering
Computer control of steelworks production
The colour performance of Secam
Electric road heating
Unified theory of electrical machines
Superconductors in industry
Varactor-diode parametric amplifiers
Computers in control of processes
The computer and the use we make of it
Proposed subcarrier pilot for NTSC-type colour television
Importance of good timing
A new deal for vector diagrams
Marconi, Popov, and the dawn of radiocommunication
Why ‘Associate’?
Transfer to Member
Spot the fallacy
Power factor—are our definitions good enough?
Proliferation of degrees
Teaching active network theory
Advances in Computers
Inertial Navigation Systems
The Application of Computing Technique to Automatic Control Systems in Metallurgical Plant
The Theory of Electromagnetism
Ultrahigh Vacuum and its Applications
The Theory of Sound
Matrix and Tensor Analysis in Electrical Network Theory
Books received
George Francis Sills
Edmund George Lazarus
Thomas Rogers
Eric Bertram Rowcroft

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