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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 4, April 1964

Volume 10, Issue 4

April 1964

Electron aspects
Linear induction motors for high-speed railways
Automatic driving of electric trains
Design of communication-satellite systems
Railway electrification in India
Flashover mechanism of polluted insulation
Pollution test for high-voltage insulators
Case coding
H.R.C.-fuse protection of high-voltage power circuits
Electricity in the service of road-traffic control
Rotational hysteresis loss in silicon—iron
Technical publications
Magnetostatic field of electric currents
Paying bills for posterity
Marconi, Popov, and the dawn of radiocommunication
A reproducible second
The ternary computer
The industrial designer
Early British steel-tank rectifiers
Why ‘Associate’?
A new deal for vector diagrams
Spot the fallacy
Beam-positioning radar
University courses—a suitable education for the modern world?
R.M.S. (or mean) volts
Scientific hyperbole
Three cultures?
Principles of Feedback Design
Berechnung Elektrischer Verbundnetze
The Physics of Magnetic Recording
Electrohydraulic Servomechanisms
Modern Power Station Practice

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