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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 2, February 1964

Volume 10, Issue 2

February 1964

Electron aspects
The ternary computer
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Rotors for arch motors
Emergency electric power supplies
Electrical services at the Shell Centre
A new deal for vector diagrams
Marine a.c. installations
University courses—a suitable education for the modern world?
Large power transformers
The industrial designer
The present state of the supply industry
Early British steel-tank rectifiers
Why ‘Associate’?
Electricity from waste
Cosmic electrical discharges. Part 13: Extremely strong cosmic radio sources
Report of colloquium on parametric amplifiers
Report of colloquium on recent advances in d.c. amplifiers
Problems in the Design and Development of 750 MW Turbogenerators
A History of London Transport. Vol 1—The Nineteeth Century
Overhead Electrical Power Lines
Theory of Linear Physical Systems
Microelectronics: Theory, Design and Fabrication
Der Transistor—Physikalische und Technische Grundlagen
Essays in Electronics
Books received
Alexander Gardner
John Hardwick
Richard Harrington Martin
Garnet Frank Peirson

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