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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 12, December 1964

Volume 10, Issue 12

December 1964

A dragon in dorset
Development of electrochemical machining techniques
Market research in electricity supply
Development of secondary surveillance radar for air-traffic control
Some recent developments in automobile electrical equipment
Recent developments in radar modulation and processing techniques
Generation of v.l.f. waveforms
Character recognition by context-dependent transformations
Electronics design
New approaches to the undergrounding of main transmission networks
Ion Propulsion for Space Flight
Linear Network Design and Synthesis
Physics of Semiconductors
Electrical Circuits (Including Machines)
Methods for Solving Engineering Problems using Analog Computers
Introduction to Space Communication Systems
Modern Digital Circuits
Modern Power Station Practice
Inverse-square law in the theory of relativity
Goethe as scientist
Keeping informed
R.M.S. (or mean) volts
A new deal for vector diagrams
Status of the engineer
Report of Council meeting on the 8th October 1964
Ernest James Hogben
John Douglas Allder Vincent
Frederick Philip Phillips

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