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Electronics & Power

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 1964

Volume 10, Issue 1

January 1964

The changing pattern
Application of pulse-code modulation to speech transmission in civil networks
Character recognition
Creative laboratory work in technical teaching
Satellite instrumentation
Propagation coefficient of a cylindrical waveguide
Attenuation in rectangular waveguides
Overmoded rectangular waveguide for high-power transmission
Computer studies of power-system transient performance
Low-pressure gas-discharge switches
Automatic gauge control of tandem cold-rolling mills
Electrostatically focused electron gun for hollow beams
Waveguide structures for low-loss transmission around sharp bends in circular waveguide
Report of Council meeting on the 7th November 1963
Source theory of electromagnetic propagation
The clock paradox
Proliferation of sibilants
Silicon controlled rectifiers
Patents and the engineer
Research, development and innovation
William Stanley Adney
James Grossett
Harry Hughes Harrison
Charles John Vivian Lawson
Sir Harry Railing
Apprenticeship Now
Semiconductor Counters for Nuclear Radiations
Printed and Integrated Circuitry
Microwave Tubes and Semiconductor Devices
Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Metals
Books received

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