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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 8-9, 3 May 1973

Volume 9, Issue 8

3 May 1973

New form of electro-optic deflector
Temperature-dependent design parameters of TRAPATT diodes
A-law pulse-code modulation by a delta-modulation technique
High-power high-efficiency operation of read-type IMPATT-diode oscillators
Influence of heavy doping effects on the fT prediction of transistors
Deadbeat state reconstruction of linear multivariable discrete-time systems
Adaptive Kalman filtering using stochastic approximation
Simple TRAPATT circuit model
Use of tachometric feedback in nonlinear systems
Depolarisation with Cassegrainian and front-fed reflectors
Double-drift millimetre-wave IMPATT diodes prepared by epitaxial growth
Fitting of measured data to a known relationship
Simple derivation of Chen's multiple-node removal algorithm
Slant-path microwave radio propagation through distorted raindrops

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