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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 6, 22 March 1973

Volume 9, Issue 6

22 March 1973

Adaptive control of a flexible linear array
Improvements in circuit realisation of threshold-logic gates
Optimum source admittance matching for low-noise receivers without transformer
n- and p-channel m.o.s.f.e.t.s as Rayleigh-surface-wave detectors
Calibration of microwave network analyser for computer-corrected S parameter measurements
Photovoltaic junctions formed on silk-screened cadmium-sulphide layers
Tungsten masking against boron implantation
New family of nematic liquid crystals for displays
High-accuracy digital–analogue convertor
Accurate calculation of device heat dynamics: a special feature of the TRANS-TRAN circuit-analysis program
Comment on ‘Determination of the velocity/field characteristic for n-type indium phosphide from dipole-domain measurements’
M.O.S. bucket-brigade AND–OR logic array
Analysis of the surface-acoustic-wave crossbar coupler
Surface-acoustic-wave filters employing symmetric phase-weighted transducers
Zero-steering antenna system for receiving a signal close to the direction of strong interference
Injection-locked IMPATT oscillators applied to f.d.m. microwave transmission
Sequential generators using read-only memories
Optimisation of delay and risetime in iterative multistage wideband amplifier circuits
Accumulation-layer surface-wave convolver
Radiation properties of a composite-dielectric-rod aerial
Precision differential voltage–current convertor
Ultralow-diffraction acoustic-surface-wave propagation on Bi12GeO20
Leaky-wave analysis of optical periodic couplers
Erratum: Economical RC active lossy ladder filters

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