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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 4, 22 February 1973

Volume 9, Issue 4

22 February 1973

Current-zero detection in thyristor convertors
Distributed frame synchronisation by nonlinear-shift-register sequences
Least-squares monotonic lowpass filters with sharp cutoff
Complementary dynamic m.o.s. logic circuits
Open resonator operating at 337 μm wavelength
Floating switch with large-signal capability
Computer analysis of nullor networks
Pulsed measuring technique for isothermal transistor characteristics
Deadbeat control of linear multivariable discrete-time systems
Reply to ‘Comments on New measurement method of Gunn-diode impedance’
Microwave frequency division using transferred-electron devices
640 Mbit/s waveguide transmitter at 38 GHz
Measurement of carrier-concentration profiles in epitaxial indium phosphide
Moving-target-indicator recursive radar filter using bucket-brigade circuits
Resistance of earth electrodes
Thickness dependence of effective coupling factors of ZnO thin-film surface-wave transducers
Microstrip bandpass filters with reduced radiation effects
Computational estimate of applicability of infinite-array theory
Constant-factor delta modulator
Synthesis of cutpoint cellular arrays
Locating a horizontal magnetic dipole buried in a 2-layer earth

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