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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 3, 8 February 1973

Volume 9, Issue 3

8 February 1973

Some experimental results for a capacitively loaded V antenna
Computer analysis of gradually tapered waveguide of arbitrary cross-sections
P.S.K. regenerator using phase-script logic
Charge-coupled devices with submicron electrode separations
Monolithic surface-acoustic-wave phase shifter
Simple proof of the Simon-Mitter controllability theorem
F.E.T. theory of strip-coupled Rayleigh-wave amplifier
Realisation of transfer function with prescribed sensitivity function
Surface-wave correlator with inclined transducer
Tensor-field interpretation of the dynamic behaviour of networks
Quadratic performance measure for optimum design of linear systems
Measurement of admittance of Gunn diodes in passive and active regions of bias voltage
Restriction on nonbinary commafree codes
Comments on ‘New measurement method of Gunn-diode impedance’
Scattering parameters of surface-wave multistrip directional couplers: a field approach
Computer optimisation of double-drift-region IMPATT diodes
Feed arrangement for axis definition of paraboloid reflector
Realisation of operational-amplifier allpass networks
More aspects of quantisation noise associated with digital coding of colour-television signals
Economical RC active lossy ladder filters
Erratum: Implementation of a moving-target indicator by bucket-brigade circuits
Erratum: Broadband bulk-wave cancellation in acoustic-surface-wave devices

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