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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 26, 27 December 1973

Volume 9, Issue 26

27 December 1973

Nomograms for estimating clear-sky zenith atmospheric attenuation in range 80–130 GHz
Analysis of superposition of two resonant lines in atomic-beam device
Generalised Fresnel's law for loss due to curvature
Novel tapping technique for charge-coupled devices
Offset-reflector antennas with offset feeds
Time-domain synthesis with multiple-shift-sequence digital filters
General strategy for increasing type number of control systems
New cholesteric liquid crystals for displays
Use of nonseparable solutions of Helmholtz wave equation in waveguides and cavities
Improved algorithm for low-order digital convolution
Good performance i.f. and premodulation filters for simple f.s.k. system
Structural reliability of centralised tree network
Intermodulation distortion in transferred-electron reflection amplifiers
Erratum: Correlator performance and the squared coherency
Erratum: Complete photon conversion in backward-travelling-wave parametric amplification and oscillation
Erratum: Cheby̅shev approximation of arbitrary frequency response for nonrecursive digital filters with linear phase
Erratum: Data-transmission characteristics of railway track

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