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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 25, 13 December 1973

Volume 9, Issue 25

13 December 1973

GaAs field-effect transistors with ion-implanted channels
F.M.-noise measurements on p-type and n-type silicon IMPATT oscillators
Binary read-only-memory multiplier
Low-noise room-temperature parametric amplifier
Suppression of 3rd-order truncation error in linear digital differential analysers
Propagation of an impulsive plane wave with arbitrary angle of incidence and polarisation in isotropic-plasma halfspace
Generalised Cockcroft-Walton voltage multipliers
Punchthrough currents in short-channel m.o.s.t. devices
Bucket-brigade device with improved charge transfer
Resonant-grid quasioptical diplexer
Evaluation of attenuation from lossless triangular-finite-element solutions for inhomogeneously filled guiding structures
Two-frequency secondary radar incorporating passive transponders
V.M.O.S. conductively coupled charge-coupled device
Numerical calculation of the ideal c/v characteristics of nonuniformly doped m.o.s. capacitors
Dual-band reflector-feed element for frequency-reuse applications
Crosspolarisation with Cassegrainian and front-fed reflectors
Practical 2-dimensional bipolar-transistor-analysis algorithm
Simple theory for threshold-voltage modulation in short-channel m.o.s. transistors
Effect of doping profile on avalanche noise of silicon IMPATT diodes
J.F.E.T. bucket-brigade circuit: some recent experimental results

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