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Electronics Letters

Volume 9, Issue 24, 29 November 1973

Volume 9, Issue 24

29 November 1973

Magnetostatic-wave group-delay equaliser
Calculation of the exterior natural frequencies of a wire by the use of Hallén's integral equation
Ambient-temperature effects in transferred-electron amplifiers
Cholesteric-nematic phase-change effect in mixtures containing the liquid-crystal PCB
Admittance-matrix representation of an ideal differential operational amplifier
Effect of circuit load on the phase of bias tuning in transferred-electron devices
Komplexe Vorverzerrung hochfrequenter Signale (Complex predistortion of high-frequency signals)
New synchronisation scheme for communication-satellite time-division multiple-access systems
Determination of crosspolarisation by the use of focal-region fields
Surface-wave phenomena associated with open-circuited stripline terminations
Comment on ‘Nonminimum-phase difficulties in multivariable-control-system design’
I band (8-10 GHz) TRAPATT-diode sources
Table-lookup method for the state assignment of asynchronous machines
Comment on ‘Geometric criterion for the absence of limit cycles in nonlinear control systems’
Erratum: Large-signal direct modulation of injection lasers
Erratum: Maximum Q factors for bandpass filters

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